santa barbara mesh network:

SB Mesh is a community-run network comprised of high-powered WiFi antennas across the county. Being decentralized, the mesh promotes a free, collaborative, open, and censorship-free communications network.

SB Mesh is not a service, just a group of like-minded individuals looking to create a cooperative, community-run network, and a shared connection to the internet.

We are based on a commons model.

current nodes:

how do I join?

You can request & purchase a pre-configured router from us. We install it.

Or: the adventurous types can purchase, configure, and install themselves!

what does it cost?

There is the one-time, $85(ish) cost of the WiFi node and an optional low-cost installation by our volunteers.

Donations —one-time or monthly—helps establish local democratic control over how we communicate with one another.

can I help?

If you would like to help with installs, outreach, fundraising, or talk hardware, you may join our Slack group or attend a meeting.